• Science-led

    The ingredients and combinations used within our dishes have been carefully crafted to produce the best meals for a childs brain.

  • Organic Ingredients

    All of our raw ingredients are organic, and we ensure no low quality produce is used within any of our products. 100% Organic produce.

  • Halal Meats

    All of our meat produce is grass fed Chicken and Lamb. The meat is from HMC Halal suppliers, as we take pride providing the highest quality food for our little ones.

Meet the Founder

Say hello to Jorna, CEO & Founder of Ammi Food.

With a background in cognitive neuroscience and psychology combined with her passion for food produced the perfect starting point for Ammi Food. Since having her son, Ammi Food was born and now caters to 1000's of babies across the UK.

"I believe that parents should not have to compromise when it comes to nutrition. That's why we've worked countless hours to produce baby food that actually tastes good and your child is more likely to enjoy the eating experience. I'm on a mission to build the biggest parenting community, so join the journey now!"

  • Honesty

    Being honest and transparent with every aspect of our business from cooking methods to customer service. Providing our customers the best is crucial throughout the journey. Our customers are a testament to the overall success for the brand.

  • Community

    Our aim is to build the largest community of parents who provide each other support enabling the best relationships both online and offline. We've currently got over 4,000 parents part of the club.

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  • Quality

    Since starting the journey, quality has been at the forefront of Ammi's success. If it doesn't fit the bill we don't let it leave our hands. This value ensures we have high customer satisfaction.

How Ammi makes parenting easy...

Less Decision Making

Supports Recovery

Guaranteed Taste

Certified by Nutritionist